Deti Magnitki

The Deti Magnitki foundation is based in Magnitogorsk, Russia, located to the south east of the Ural Mountains. The name of the foundation translated into English is Magnitogorsk’s children.

The charity was set up to support local children and to inspire their creativity through activity and learning. The key goal of the charity is to raise funds to:

  • provide educational and learning materials to help nurture and develop the creative potential of both children and adolescents with a particular emphasis on the performing arts; singing and dancing
  • encourage the personal and cultural development of these individuals through movement and music to cultivate talent and teach new skills and as such, encourage gifted children to embrace their creativity
  • develop and support educational projects both within and outside of Russia to help raise awareness about the history and heritage of Russian people
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Foundation details

Full name: Deti Magnitki charitable foundation for the development of creativity in children

Main State Registration Number: 1147400003695

Taxpayer Identification Number: 7456990685

Enterprise Classification: 745601001

Classification for Enterprises and Organisations: 34513780

Address: Prospect Karla Marksa 71-4, Magnitogorsk, 455023, Russia

Banking details

Current account: 40703810900000103220 at "CreditUralBank" BIC 047516949

Correspondent account: 30101810700000000949

Foundation president

Popova Svetlana Viktorovna

+7 3519 278 999

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Deti Magnitki

Deti Magnitki was established in 2003 in Magnitogorsk, Russia. Over the last decade or so, the studio has grown from helping a small group of children to supporting a large team of like-minded youngsters, bringing together children, teachers and parents to develop a creative atmosphere conducive to expression through movement. Today, Deti Magnitki is a leading modern dance team and one of the most promising dance studios in Russia.

Deti Magnitki is led by the creative director, Svetlana Popova. Svetlana graduated from the Sverdlovsk Regional College of Culture and Arts in 1987 where she qualified as a dance studio manager. She has supported the foundation from its infancy to its current height of success, having led the studio to win various prestigious competitions and festivals. To date, Deti Magnikti are cup holders and prize winners of numerous competitions both nationally and internationally across Russia and Europe.

The dance studio takes every performance seriously, combining various forms of modern dance from jazz and folk to dramatised variety shows. Their repertoire includes over 50 numbers including original performances and those by famous choreographers.

Deti Magnitki is very popular, loved by both children and adults, supported in Magnitogorsk and other regions in Russia and abroad. Their audience drives and motivates them and as such they put their heart and soul into every performance.